Labor & Delivery (April 7th)

When a woman becomes pregnant many changes happen to our body. Changes that occur rapidly and changes that are needed for proper fetal development. The changes that occur are placental development, weight gain, breast enlargement, and posture changes.  Morning sickness kicks in during the second trimester. Also the uterus expands about 20 times its normal size… ouch. Breast start to grow and the movement of the fetus can begin to be felt. Weight gain starts to be noticeable during the third trimester and the fetus starts to grow most rapidly. During this trimester back pains begin to show up and may start to become unbearable. The belly drops and fetal movement is strong. Constant urination is common in pregnant women… sometimes women arent able to get to the bathroom in time! This is because the fetus is/can push against the bladder and the uterus is practically pushing up against the bladder as well. Levels of progesterone and estrogens rise continuously through out the pregnancy which suppresses the hypothalamic axis and the menstrual cycle. Another change that occurs is heartburn. This is because the growing uterus puts pressure on the sphincter of the stomach. Nausea and vomiting is also common due to hormonal changes. Constipation occurs when there is a decrease in intestinal function. The colon absorbs excess fluid as a result of the rise in progesterone. All these changes occur to be able to support and sustain a human being. The body is incredible!

prego changes


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