Literacy Glog: Book Update

So Stiff… I’m really liking this book! It isn’t your ordinary information filled book! I love the humor Mary Roach uses! It really makes the reading enjoyable. I thought it was so weird how the surgeons in chapter one practiced on only one thing, the head of cadavers! I did not think that they actually practiced on certain parts… I find it truly amazing that this occurs. Also, props to those surgeons that didn’t get sick or bothered when Mary, the author, was explaining the process of the cosmetic surgery and they were actually doing the procedure. I think my favorite part of that chapter was towards the end, a doctor doing the procedure cleaned up and when she was about to leave the lab she covered the cadaver head and said “May she rest in piece” It really shows that even when these doctors seem like this doesn’t phase them, it does in a way and they still have feelings and respect for the dead. I’m REALLY looking forward to continue with this book!


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