Horomones and Stress


There are two types of stress, acute which is also known as short term stress, and chronic which is also known as long term stress. Short term stress is basically temporary stress. This is your immediate normal reaction stressor which is tied to the fight or flight response. That is your bodies immediate reaction to a scare, threat, or challenge. usually this will cause the bodies heart, blood pressure, or breathing rate to increase, but once whatever is causing the body stress disappears all of these conditions will go back to their normal state. Unlike. acute stress, chronic stress may have some long term affects on the human body. Chronic stress is when your body stays in a stressed state for a certain time period. Staying in a stressed state causes the body to send hormones through out the bloodstream which causes problems in your immune system and could even kill nerve cells. It also puts one in a increased risk of getting a disease such as a cold or flu. Im very thankful to not have a great amount of stress! So for my stress reducers I’m going to try to get more sleep since i constantly complain about being tired, plus I’m constantly late to school because i wake up late which is not good! Also, I’m going to try to start exercising more than i do… it’s a nice way to blow off some steam and plus it puts you in great shape so its a win win! Oh I should probably stop procrastinating too! This is a start though because I could have easily left this blog for tomorrow!;) hahaha I can’t wait to see if these actually help!




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