Horomones and Stress


There are two types of stress, acute which is also known as short term stress, and chronic which is also known as long term stress. Short term stress is basically temporary stress. This is your immediate normal reaction stressor which is tied to the fight or flight response. That is your bodies immediate reaction to a scare, threat, or challenge. usually this will cause the bodies heart, blood pressure, or breathing rate to increase, but once whatever is causing the body stress disappears all of these conditions will go back to their normal state. Unlike. acute stress, chronic stress may have some long term affects on the human body. Chronic stress is when your body stays in a stressed state for a certain time period. Staying in a stressed state causes the body to send hormones through out the bloodstream which causes problems in your immune system and could even kill nerve cells. It also puts one in a increased risk of getting a disease such as a cold or flu. Im very thankful to not have a great amount of stress! So for my stress reducers I’m going to try to get more sleep since i constantly complain about being tired, plus I’m constantly late to school because i wake up late which is not good! Also, I’m going to try to start exercising more than i do… it’s a nice way to blow off some steam and plus it puts you in great shape so its a win win! Oh I should probably stop procrastinating too! This is a start though because I could have easily left this blog for tomorrow!;) hahaha I can’t wait to see if these actually help!




Literacy Glog: Book Update

So Stiff… I’m really liking this book! It isn’t your ordinary information filled book! I love the humor Mary Roach uses! It really makes the reading enjoyable. I thought it was so weird how the surgeons in chapter one practiced on only one thing, the head of cadavers! I did not think that they actually practiced on certain parts… I find it truly amazing that this occurs. Also, props to those surgeons that didn’t get sick or bothered when Mary, the author, was explaining the process of the cosmetic surgery and they were actually doing the procedure. I think my favorite part of that chapter was towards the end, a doctor doing the procedure cleaned up and when she was about to leave the lab she covered the cadaver head and said “May she rest in piece” It really shows that even when these doctors seem like this doesn’t phase them, it does in a way and they still have feelings and respect for the dead. I’m REALLY looking forward to continue with this book!


3 Q (March 7)

1. What tasks have you completed recently?

This past week I completed my wiki project for anatomy, i graded a lot of papers for teacher aid, and took a test for statistics along with a lot of worksheets for that class. You can say it was a busy week, but it went by fast! 

2. What have you learned recently?

With doing the wiki project on hearing, I learned a lot of that sense! For example I didn’t know that it was closely related to the limbic system. That is why our sense of smell helps us remember certain events,people,etc. 

3. What are you planning on doing next?

This week doesn’t seem too busy… oh wait… i have a test in anatomy tuesday and oh i have to go to this conference on friday at centennial! Other than those two, i have nothing else planned!