3 Q’s (Feb. 21)

1. What tasks have you completed recently?
Recently I have completed a huge load of homework and I am not going to lie, I feel accomplished! I finished a huge coloring packet we had for anatomy, case studies, and that extremely hard test:( plus lots of statistics homework!

2. What have you learned recently?
I learned that I desperately need to study more… I mean I should’ve learned this a long time ago, but I just don’t learn my lesson. Senioritis maybe? Shame on me! :/

3. What are you planning on doing next?
Next I am planning on (hopefully) not procrastinating in anatomy. It kicked my butt for the nervous system. 😦

The Nervous System (Feb 18.)

The brain is the ‘most incredible machine’ because it is capable of performing many functions than any other organ in the human body. It is capable of so much such as movement, emotions, etc. It only weighs three pounds, but still has the ability to do so much. It truly is incredible. That’s exactly what the quote by Todd Kuiken means. In the video it’s obvious that the ability for amputees to move their prosthetic arm is all through signals. Thats what the brain is all about. Its all about the information being stimulated and sent to the brain that is shared with a action potential. Without these signals being sent to the brain we wouldn’t have the ability to perform our daily activities.

the brain


Literacy Glog: Book, What Book? Feb 11, 2014

“Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers” by Mary Roach, is the book I will be reading for my literacy glog. I decided to choose this book because I found the idea of using human bodies to discover and learn new things about ourselves extremely interesting. Especially because this book is based on the history of use of cadavers and the ethical/moral issues involved using a cadaver Roach about to witness. I’ve also heard from my peers that this book is gruesome and disturbing in some ways which just makes me want to read this book even more because i love hearing about that kind of stuff… i hope that doesn’t make me sound like a creep, i promise it just interests me! This book includes cosmetic surgery on cadaver heads, body snatching, decomposition, crash test dummies, crucifixion, decapitation, and cannibalism. If that doesn’t sound interesting to someone, I don’t know what will.