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How are the skeletal and integumentary systems physiologically related?


Surprisingly, the skeletal and integumentary systems are similar in the physiology sense. Both systems have the functions of protection/movement and both produce something for the human body. The skeletal system provides protection to major soft organs, such as ribs to protect our lungs and heart, the skull to protect probably the most important organ of the body, the brain. As for the integumentary system, that protects our body from the environment. Protecting and acting as a shield against chemical, bacterial, thermal, and UV radiation damage. Another function both systems have in common is movement. The skeletal system has projections and depressions that are sites where articulations take place giving the body mobility. Also the spine acts as a weight barrier and distributes weight to the whole body which helps with movement. The integumentary system helps with movement by having the ability to stretch. If it couldn’t do so, we wouldn’t be able to move at all. 




For production, the skeletal system produces blood cells in the bone marrow while the integument system produce vitamin C. 


3 Q blog (Nov. 1)

1. What tasks have you completed recently?  

Recently, i have accomplished a lot!! I’ve been extremely busy with all of my classes! Especially English, Student gov, and Anatomy! I finished the book 1984 in english and have been getting lots ready for the Mayfield/Cruces game! Student government finished its float for the parade and it came out really good for the short amount of time we had to complete it. It was better than Cruces’ which always makes Mayfield students feel better!


2. What have you learned recently? 

Recently, i’ve learned that I need to do A LOT of studying in anatomy!! I’m not going to get anywhere without studying! Especailly with the new system we’re learning. It’s so much! I also learned that I need to stop slacking off. Especially because lately I’ve been having to play catch up in all my classes! This never happens! I guess the senioritis is kicking in! ;PImage

3. What are you planning on doing next?

Next, I’m planning to study a lot! I feel like i always say this, but it’s the truth. I desperately need to stop slacking off especially if I want to be successful! Also, I’m planning on going all out for the Mayfield/Cruces game! I hope Mayfield kicks some serious butt! Before i get too excited, I need to catch up in all of my classes. I’m actually going to go read and study for my vocab test tomorrow which is going to be a blast!