3 Q’s (oct.18)

1. What tasks have you completed recently?  

Recently i have completed lots of school work! It seems like i just can’t catch a break! This week I had a english test over part one of the book 1984, I had my very first glog due in anatomy, and i had a anatomy test. You can’t forget all the work we had to turn in with the anatomy test! It was a lot of work, but after I finished all of it, I felt accomplished! I hate having a lot of homework, but love the feeling of finishing all of it! I’m glad i didn’t take easy classes for my senior year because then I wont get lazy for college! Its hard at times but hey i have to think positive!



2. What have you learned recently? 

Recently I have learned that I have to stay focused with my school work and i can not procrastinate! I can’t do this especially if i want to continue to keep my grades up! I also learned that I need to learn how to mange my time. With learning this I think i will be able to get my homework done faster and be able to have a social life as well! It’s hard trying to manage both! I can’t imagine being in a sport and trying to manage all of those! Props to athletes!



3. What are you planning on doing next?

This next week I will be planning to focus on all my work and trying to get floats ready in student government for the Mayfield/ Cruces parade! it’s extremely stressful because mayfield cruces week crept up so fast! When we found out about the parade it seemed like we had so much time to get things done! Now when its less then a week away i feel like student government is extremely behind! I will also be planning on making signs for the game! I’m excited for this upcoming week and next week! I feel like after all the stress that I’m about to go through, it’ll be worth it in the end!



Skin Blog

Explain the anatomy of the skin, focusing upon form and function (how structures are uniquely suited to the particular job/duty being performed); AND explain the physiology of the skin and its role in homeostasis of the body as a whole and how homeostasis of the organ system is maintained.

The skin is a very important part to the human body. It acts as a barrier to protect deeper organs from the outside world.  The skin is made up of three layers. The epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis. The epidermis layer is made of stratified squamous tissue, while the hypodermis is made up of adipose tissue which is fat. One way form and function is shown in the epidermis layer is the epidermis is not only made up of stratified squamous but has the protein keratin. The keratin provides a layer at the top of the epidermis called keratinization. These are cells that are tightly packed that help the skin act as a physical barrier. This barrier protects us from UV Rays, Chemical damage, bacterial infections, thermal damage, etc.   Without this layer we could possibly have death or disease because we wouldn’t have any protection. Homeostasis is maintained through the skin by a cycle of the skin cells. Dead cells are continuously falling off the stratum corneum and new cells are being produced in the stratum basale. With this cycle the skin is able to maintain homeostasis and continue its function which is to protect.