Tissue Blog

First off i just want to say that it is unbelievable what can be made with silk! Like who knew such a simple piece of thread could replace a bone, and even replace a vein. How amazing! Anyways, silk ties into cell differentiation by acting like a tissue. Like a tissue, silk can be used to perform a function of another specific tissue. Like today in class we were discussing how scar tissue isn’t the same tissue as the original non scared tissue. Since original tissue was affected another tissue had to replace it. For example, if we had to replace a bone with a silk bone, that silk bone wouldn’t provide the same functions as the original bone did. As for form and function i believe it would depend on what the silk is being used for, for example if the silk was being used for a vein replacement, the silk would have to be similar to epithelial tissue. As we continue to learn and discover new things, the world will change and become a more eco friendly environment. I mean who knows what else we could make with silk!?

3 questions (sep. 22nd)

A task that I have completed recently is decorating for homecoming! This past week has been super stressful! Having to deal with homework, finding things to wear for homecoming, and especially helping make posters and decorating for the dance/week since I’m apart of SGA! Even if it is stressful, I’m so excited for everyone to see how it turned out and excited for homecoming in general! It’s going to be a BLAST!


Recently i have learned that I need to start waking up early because i can not be late to my classes! Especially since there are no parking spots at Mayfield when you get there right before the bell since every underclassmen seems to be taking all the parkings! 😡 I also learned never be late to Mrs. Gardner’s class because you wont be able to get cookies if she so happens to bring some! I still got some, but still! They were delicious!!


I am planning to have a full week of studying! I have a tissue practical this week and i believe a test! Also, my daily vocal test! I’m also planning on being busy with more homecoming stuff! I’m so excited for this week though! I have a feeling it’s going to be a blast! other than that I really don’t have an exciting life outside of school! If working out this whole week counts, then i’ll be doing that also! Have to be in tip top shape for homecoming!


Blog numero tres. Weekly questions!

1. What tasks have you completed recently?  

I have completed many tasks school wise lately! I had so much homework this week it was RIDICULOUS. I had an essay for english that was assigned a day before it was due. I had to finish lots of other english homework which was stressful when i had different homework assignments for my other classes along with that! All week i wanted it to be friday/thursday and when those days came I was extremely relieved, until i realized i had a vocab test and my very first anatomy test! Can I just say thank you so much for letting the class use our notes!? SUPER HELPFUL. Overall I was happy when the week was over and the weekend came along! I think I’m prepared for another week full of homework!


2. What have you learned recently? 

Honestly, I learned that i need to study for my anatomy quizzes if I want to be successful in that class! After that first quiz, I’m going to study as soon as I learn we have a quiz because you never know when the quiz is going to be thrown at you! It’s pretty sad that a not so good grade made me realize that! It was barely the first quiz too! SHAME ON ME!  Image

3. What are you planning on doing next?

I’m planning on making this week the best week ever because the day i’ve been waiting for, for two and a half years is finally here… the day i get my braces off! I’m super excited and I’m praying they are taken off! I’m also planning on continuing to get all of my homework on time. I don’t want to start slacking… no one likes a slacker!